About HRLR

The Columbia Human Rights Law Review (HRLR) seeks to publish and distribute legal analysis and discussion of civil liberties and human rights under both international and domestic law.

HRLR believes that thoughtful discussion of human rights issues and broad dissemination of information about legal remedies for human rights violations promote human rights around the world. To this end, HRLR has published a law review of scholarly articles and commentary covering domestic and international human rights issues since 1968. Due to the journal’s expansive view of human rights, HRLR articles cover a wide range of topics and are considered a valuable resource for academics and practitioners alike. In addition, the HRLR enjoys a wide circulation-our subscribers are individuals, institutions, human rights organizations, and libraries in over forty countries. By virtue of the breadth of HRLR articles, and the wide audience that is reached, the Columbia Human Rights Law Review has a truly profound impact on the field of human rights.


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Judge Morris Lasker
Vernon Jordan
Michael Posner
Vilma Martinez
Jack Greenberg
Bishop Desmond Tutu
Marian Wright Edelman
Albie Sachs
Eben Moglen
Louis Henkin
Gerald Neuman
Jeremy Waldron
James Liebman
Harold Hongju Koh
Mary Robinson
Fionnuala Ni Aolain
Sarah Cleveland
Amal Clooney
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Justice Arthur Chaskalson