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Announcing the Notes Selected for Publication in 2017-18

Please join the Board of the Columbia Human Rights Law Review in congratulating the following students for the outstanding Notes that will be published in Volume 49 (2017-18). Their scholarship will be an invaluable addition to the human rights community.

Something’s Rotten in the State of Texas: Preventing Divisional Judge-Shopping in Political Cases
Alex Botoman

Taking Stock: Exploring Alternative Compensation in Eminent Domain
Nathan Bu

Race-Based Political Exclusion and Social Subjugation: Racial Gerrymandering as a Badge of Slavery
Patricia Okonta

HIV Criminal Transmission: Regulating Covert Investigations in Online Dating Through Due Process and the Courts
Joseph Payne

The Police are Innocent As Long as they Honestly Believe: The Human Rights Problems with English Self-Defense Law
Clemency Wang

The Muddled Milieu of Pregnancy Exceptions and Abortion Restrictions
Nikolas Youngsmith

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Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual
The HRLR publishes and sells A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual (“the JLM”), a legal resource produced to assist prisoners and others in negotiating the U.S. legal system. With thirty-six chapters on legal rights and procedures including the appellate process, federal habeas corpus relief, the Prison Litigation Reform Act, religious freedom in prison, the rights of prisoners with disabilities, and many more, the JLM is a major legal reference for prisoners and libraries across the country. The HRLR publishes this critical resource and delivers it to some of those individuals whose rights are most threatened in our judicial system yet who often have no access to legal assistance. Our students deliver over a thousand JLMs every year to prisoners, institutions, libraries, and organizations. We also publish a Spanish version of the JLM to serve as a resource to Spanish-language prisoners. Finally, the JLM offers an Immigration and Consular Access Supplement in both English and Spanish language versions.
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