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Current Issue

Volume 50
Fall 2018–Spring 2019

Volume 49

Volume 49.1 – Fall 2017

The Local Turn in U.S. Human Rights: Introduction to the Special Symposium Issue
Risa E. Kaufman & JoAnn Kamuf Ward

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan

Design Challenges for Human Rights Cities
Martha F. Davis

Local Governments and Human Rights: Some Critical Reflections
Michele Grigolo

Localizing Human Rights in the United States through the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda
Risa E. Kaufman

Challenging a Climate of Hate and Fostering Inclusion: The Role of U.S. State and Local Human Rights Commissions
JoAnn Kamuf Ward

America’s Dirty Secret: The Human Right to Sanitation in Alabama’s Black Belt
Inga T. Winkler & Catherine Coleman Flowers

The Honorable William Bell, Mayor of the City of Birmingham

Volume 49.2 – Winter 2018

Consenting to Dispossession: The Problematic Heritage and Complex Future of Consultation and Consent of Indigenous Peoples
Marina Brilman

Cultural Heritage Protection and Sacred Spaces: Considering Alternative Approaches from Within the Human Rights Framework
Leonard Hammer

From Internet Referral Units to International Agreements: Censorship of the Internet by the UK and EU
Brian Chang

Taking Stock: Exploring Alternative Compensation in Eminent Domain
Nathan Bu

Race-Based Political Exclusion and Social Subjugation: Racial Gerrymandering as a Badge of Slavery
Patricia Okonta

Divisional Judge-Shopping
Alex Botoman

Volume 49.3 – Spring 2018

Introducing a “New” Human Right: Learning From Others, Bringing Legal Capacity Home
Kristin Booth Glen

Modern Self-Defense: The Use of Force Against Non-Military Threats
José Luis Aragón Cardiel, Amanda Davis, & Lauranne Macherel

Extra-Territorial Use of Force, Civilian Casualties, and the Duty to Investigate
Ryan Santicola & Hila Wesa

Trauma, Depression, and Burnout in the Human Rights Field: Identifying Barriers and Pathways to Resilient Advocacy
Sarah Knuckey, Margaret Satterthwaite, & Adam Brown

Criminal HIV Transmission Statutes and Covert Online Investigations: A Due Process Analysis
Joseph Payne

The Police Are Innocent as Long as They Honestly Believe: The Human Rights Problems with English Self-Defense Law
Clemency Wang

The Muddled Milieu of Pregnancy Exceptions and Abortion Restrictions
Nikolas Youngsmith

Volume 48

Volume 48.1 – Fall 2016

Dead Silent: Heuristics, Silent Motives, and Asylum
Anjum Gupta

Competing for Refugees: A Market-Based Solution to a Humanitarian Crisis
Joseph Blocher & Mitu Gulati

Legal Pluralism and Women’s Rights after Conflict: The Role of CEDAW
Meghan Campbell & Geoffrey Swenson

Using the Organization of American States to End the Abuse of Restaveks
Sarah Breyer

Tales of the Boat People: Comparing Refugee Resettlement in the Vietnamese and Syrian Refugee Crises
Justin Huynh

Volume 48.2 – Spring 2017

The Right to Insult in International Law
Amal Clooney & Philippa Webb

Zooming out, then Zooming in: Using International Law to Advance Justice
Benjamin Hoffman

Escape Routes: The Possibility of Habeas Corpus Protection for Animals under Modern Social Contract Theory
Craig Ewasiuk

Of Coups and the Constitution
Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Sex, Drugs, and Advisory Committees: An Analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry Manipulation of FDA Vulnerability to Sociopolitical Influences on Matters of Women’s Health
Mara Sanders

A Force to be Reckoned With: Confronting the (Still) Unresolved Questions of Excessive Force Jurisprudence After Kingsley
Michael S. DiBattista

Volume 48.3 – Spring 2017

You Have the Right to Remain a Child: The Right to Juvenile Treatment for Youth in Conflict With the Law
Cynthia Soohoo

The State of the City and the Future of Human Rights: A Review of Global Urban Justice
Johanna Kalb

The Price of Equality: Fair Housing, Land Use, and Disparate Impact
Jonathan Zasloff

Voice and Exit as Accountability Mechanisms: Can Foot-voting Be Made Safe for the Chinese Communist Party?
Roderick M. Hills, Jr. & Shitong Qiao

Challenging Criminal Records in Hiring Under the Americans with Disabilities Act
Amanda Johnson

The Right to an Interpreter under Customary International Law
Julia Sherman

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