50th Anniversary Symposium (Spring 2019)


The Columbia Human Rights Law Review (HRLR) is celebrating its 50th, and A Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual (JLM) its 40th, anniversary this year. To celebrate their respective milestones and achievements, we will be hosting a Symposium in April 2019.

The Symposium will focus on issues and topics related to forced displacement and the movement of persons. With this, we hope to look at topics such as the refugee crisis and related conditions of confinement and access to attorneys; the effects of gentrification and climate change; public health implications stemming from movement of persons; the United States’ immigration system, and more. This is not an exhaustive list and we welcome papers that branch out from our central theme.

HRLR welcomes the submission of unsolicited manuscripts of proposed articles for possible publication. Accepted contributions will address the theme above, both directly and tangentially from either an international human rights or domestic civil rights law perspective, including pieces from interdisciplinary perspectives. We seek pieces with balanced legal analysis, or pieces that justify a position and advocate it cogently. We welcome works by scholars, practitioners, and others with knowledge of the field. To submit a manuscript for consideration, please see our submissions page.

Please stay tuned for more information regarding speakers and programming.

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