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Healing Racism’s Wounds: On Racial Reckoning & Obama’s “A Promised Land”

Todd Anthony Walker
11 November 2021

Todd Anthony Walker* Abstract Legal controversies surrounding race and racism have persisted in America from its inception, but not without intervention. Supreme Court decisions in Dred Scott, Plessy and Brown trace the Court’s jurisprudential evolution while, legislatively, the passage of the post-civil rights Amendments, and, more recently, The Civil Rights Act of 1964, demonstrate Congresses’…

The Road to Recovery After Nestlé: Exploring TVPA as a Promising Tool for Corporate Accountability

Lindsey Roberson and Johanna Lee
9 November 2021

Lindsey Roberson* & Johanna Lee** Abstract This paper presents the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (“TVPA”) as a promising, yet underutilized, statute for litigators seeking justice for foreign victims of forced labor in global supply chains. It begins by outlining the current legal landscape of cases that may be successfully brought under the Alien Tort Statute…

You Can See My Face, Why Can’t I? Facial Recognition and Brady

Rebecca Darin Goldberg
12 April 2021

Rebecca Darin Goldberg[1]* Table of Contents Introduction I. The Benefits and Risks of Facial Recognition Software A. What is Facial Recognition and How Does it Work? B. The FBI’s Facial Recognition System 268 C. Challenges with Facial Recognition Accuracy and Misuse D. Facial Recognition as an Investigative Tool E. Issues with Eyewitness Identification in Criminal…

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